– This winter, we will specifically target technical, tactical, and mental areas of focus needed to reach your next playing level

– We want our members to be clear and intentional with their practice time; it’s not simply playing more tennis.   – The Level Up program is included in membership.  It applies to everyone; not just those on teams! Here is what you can expect:

  • Each month, our coaches will roll out specific items of focus.  
  • Our regular, weekly program curriculum will closely follow this content.
  • For adult teams, a coach has been assigned to each team. Team drills will cover the fine print of exactly what each team needs to advance.
  • Coaches will have regular communication with individuals, captains, and teams to clearly define goals.  This will include on and off-court opportunities.  As team play competitions advance each session, coaches will offer additional structure and guidance to help teams best prepare for semi and final matches.

 We encourage our members to take full advantage of our Level Up program.  The more we work the process, the better we will get.  The entire staff is motivated to help each player continue growing and enjoying the sport!